CoconChoco – One of the Best Antique Shops in Dubai

If you want to visit truly unique Antique Shops in Dubai, you should visit CoconChoco. We are the ultimate destination for antique and art lovers, and we not only highlight the region’s heritage but also have contemporary art from up-and-coming artists. All the items in this store come with a certificate of authenticity, so you know exactly how old and where they came from.

When visiting our antique collections, ask about their history and unique products. Our enthusiastic staff will happily give you the history behind the pieces they sell, so be sure to have a good idea of what you’re looking for before entering. Our CoconChoco staff is eager to answer any questions you have and is sure to offer you great deals on their wares.

There is something for everyone in our Antique Shops in Dubai, so be sure to explore all options. We have also stock a wide selection of traditional furniture and home decor items. It’s definitely worth the visit. We are also one of the best Art Galleries in Dubai.